Additional file 7: of Conserved and specific features of Streptococcus pyogenes and Streptococcus agalactiae transcriptional landscapes

Figure S2. Processing of pnp 5′ UTR. A) dRNA-seq and RNA-seq reads aligning to pnp gene visualized by IGV. dRNA-seq and RNA-seq experiments detect two transcript-5′-ends: a tri-P 5′-end resulting from a TSS upstream a 22 nt-long sRNA and a mono-P 5′-end upstream the mature RNA and present at the same level among reads generated with and without TAP treatment and predicted to result from an endonucleolytic processing of the primary pnp mRNA. The strand-specific RNA-seq identifies two transcripts: one 22 nt-long sRNA beginning at the TSS and the pnp transcript beginning at the processing site. B. Sequence of the pnp primary transcript 5′ UTR showing the 22 nt-sRNA part in red and the beginning of the 6.6 kb mature transcript corresponding to pnp-S119_1643–1642–1641-1640-1639-1638 operon in green. C. Folding of the pnp primary transcript 5′ UTR showing the position of the 3′ end of the sRNA and of the 5′ end of the pnp mature transcript staggered two base-pairs apart in a long stem loop. (PDF 805 kb)