Additional file 7: of Characterization of genes required for both Rpg1 and rpg4-mediated wheat stem rust resistance in barley

Figure S4. Possible orientation of gene cluster in the rpr9 region on barley chromosome 3H. (A) Current annotation of gene order in rpr9 region. (B) Proposed gene order orientation in Q21861-rpr9 mutant and Q21861-wt for gene HORVU3Hr1G074960 based on the exome capture and SNP marker SCRI-RS-27417 read alignment. Read alignment in Q21861-wt (4839 reads) was present across the CDS and 3′ UTR, however, in Q21861-rpr9 mutant 269 exome capture reads were aligned to 3′ coding and UTR region which includes the physical position of SNP marker SCRI-RS-27417. In figure, red arrows denote the genes present in the rpr9 region, black arrows represent the rpr9 flanking genes and asterisk with vertical black bar shows the position of SNP in marker SCRI-RS-27417 on chromosome 3H represented by horizontal white bar. (PDF 1320 kb)