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Additional file 7: Table S5. of Transcriptome analysis of pancreatic cells across distant species highlights novel important regulator genes

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posted on 21.03.2017 by Estefania TarifeĂąo-Saldivia, Arnaud Lavergne, Alice Bernard, Keerthana Padamata, David Bergemann, Marianne Voz, Isabelle Manfroid, Bernard Peers
Genes presenting conserved exocrine expression. The ZMH excel page shows the genes with exocrine-enriched expression in zebrafish, mice and human. The ZM, ZH and HM excel pages show genes with endocrine-enriched expression in two species (ZM: zebrafish and mice; ZH: zebrafish and human; HM: human and mice). The tables give the expression mean in endocrine cells (Normalized counts) and the enrichment (FC: fold change) in the three species. (XLSX 101 kb)