Additional file 7: Table S3. of Recombination-driven generation of the largest pathogen repository of antigen variants in the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi

2016-09-13T05:00:00Z (GMT) by D. Weatherly Duo Peng Rick Tarleton
Alignment and Analysis of TcTS Architectures. (a) Of the 3209 TcTS sequences in this study, 3176 contained at least 1 motif with an e-value of 1e-01 as determined by the described MEME analysis. The architectures, the in-order sequence of motifs, of each TcTS sequence were extracted and aligned as described. (b) Confidence heat map. Top row contains the motif numbers of the “model” TcTS architecture, where the model is determined by choosing the motif that is most frequent over all TcTS at each position. The cells are colored red if the model motif at that position is found in >1000 sequences, black for motifs preceding the signal peptide sequence or in the hyper-variable region containing SAPA repeats, and blue otherwise. The 2nd row displays a bar-graph of the minimum smoothed entropy for the motif region. The remainder of the table is color-coded according to the “confidence score” of the motif-to-architecture for each cell. The confidence score is calculated as: (-1 * loge(MEME e-value))1.5 and the colors range from white (low) to blue (mid) to red (high). Note that the score reflects the assigned motif at each position regardless of whether it matches the model. (XLSX 1439 kb)