Additional file 7: Table S2. of Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP/ACP5) promotes metastasis-related properties via TGFβ2/TβR and CD44 in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells

Proteins significantly regulated upon TRAP perturbation in any of the phosphoproteomics or proteomics analyses (TRAP3high vs ctrl, phospho and standard proteomics analyses; TRAP sh2 or sh3 + 4 vs scrambled shRNA, standard proteomics analysis). The column “Enriched GO term” specifies whether the protein belong to any of the GO terms that were found to be enriched in the list of regulated proteins. The column “Protein class” describes to which of the examined protein class a protein belongs to. Examined proteins classes include protein kinases, protein phosphatases, ubiquitin and UBL system enzymes and transcription factors. (XLSX 79 kb)