Additional file 7: Figure S6. of Ontogeny reveals function and evolution of the hadrosaurid dinosaur dental battery

Tooth attachment in the hadrosaurid dentary dental battery. (A) overview image of a thin section through a dentary of the hadrosaudid Prosaurolophus (ROM 03500). (B) closeup image of the lingual surface of the dental battery and the overlying lingual plate of bone. (C) closeup image of the labial surface of the dental battery and the labial wall of alveolar bone. (D) closeup image of the periodontal ligament attachment between successive generations of teeth within the dentary dental battery. (E) same image as in D, but in cross-polarized light, showing orientations of Sharpey’s fibers of the periodontal ligament (black arrows). For all images, lingual is to the left. Abbreviations: ab, alveolar bone, cc, cellular cementum, de, dentine; en, enamel; jb, bone of the jaw; lp, lingual plate; ode, dentine of older tooth; ps, periodontal space. (TIF 2247 kb)