Additional file 7: Figure S5. of Pathomimetic avatars reveal divergent roles of microenvironment in invasive transition of ductal carcinoma in situ

MEP-conditioned media (MEP-CM) reduce size of DCIS structures formed in MAME cultures. DCIS cells were seeded in rBM overlay cultures containing DQ-collagen IV in the absence (control) or presence of MEP-conditioned media (MEP-CM) and imaged live at day 8. DIC images are 16 contiguous tiled fields of structures formed by two DCIS cell lines: MCF10.DCIS-lentiRFP (DCIS; a, top rows; scale bars = 90 μm) and SUM102-lentiRFP (SUM102; b, top rows; scale bars, 180 μm). Fluorescent images are en face views of 3D reconstructions of DCIS (a, bottom rows) and SUM102 (b, bottom rows) structures (red) and associated dDQ-IV (green). One grid unit = 45 μm. (PDF 1373 kb)