Additional file 7: Figure S5. of Mechanisms of Groucho-mediated repression revealed by genome-wide analysis of Groucho binding and activity

Gro-regulated genes are enriched for genes with high pausing index based on GRO-seq analysis. The prevalence of Pol II promotor-proximal pausing in predicted Gro targets was calculated across all timepoints (1.5–9 hrs, A) or in the first timepoint only (1.5–4 hrs, B). An index of promotor-proximal PolII pausing was obtained from GRO-seq data generated in 2–2.5 hr old wild-type embryos (see Saunders et al., 2013 for details [97]). The resulting genes were split into quartiles based on pausing index and compared to predicted Gro targets. Approximately 41% of predicted Gro targets in 1.5–4 hr embryos were found in the upper quartile, indicating a strong association between Gro regulation and polymerase pausing. This enrichment for paused genes is highly significant, with a p-value of < 10−10 by a Wilcoxon rank sum test. (PDF 758 kb)