Additional file 7: Figure S3. of The combined effect of PDX1, epidermal growth factor and poly-L-ornithine on human amnion epithelial cells’ differentiation

Microscopic observation of cells. Cells that were transduced with mPdx1 and cultured under various culture conditions were observed at the time of transduction (0th hour) and 2 days and 7 days post-transduction. It was observed that although all cells were equally healthy at the 0th hour, the various culture conditions caused changes in their health, although not morphology, from the 2nd day post-transduction. In general, cells started senescing by the 7th day with 0.01 % PLO being the most cytotoxic of all culture conditions. Cells were viewed using the 10X objective of an Olympus inverted fluorescence microscope. (PNG 763 kb)