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Additional file 7: Figure S3. of Downregulation of miR-141-3p promotes bone metastasis via activating NF-κB signaling in prostate cancer

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posted on 04.12.2017 by Shuai Huang, Qingde Wa, Jincheng Pan, Xinsheng Peng, Dong Ren, Yan Huang, Xiao Chen, Yubo Tang
(A-C) Real-time PCR analysis of TRAF1, TRAF5 and TRAF6 expression in the indicated cells. Error bars represent the mean ± S.D. of three independent experiments. *P < 0.05. (D and E) Individual silencing of TRAF5 and TRAF6 attenuated the stimulatoy effects of silencing miR-141-3p on the invasion (D) and migration (E) abilities in PCa cells. *P < 0.05. (PDF 123 kb)