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Additional file 7: Figure S2. of Snake venoms are integrated systems, but abundant venom proteins evolve more rapidly

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posted on 28.08.2015 by Steven Aird, Shikha Aggarwal, Alejandro Villar-Briones, Mandy Tin, Kouki Terada, Alexander Mikheyev
Manual identification of CID fragment ions from a composite spectrum using >40 MS2 spectra from the same chromatographic peak associated with Protobothrops elegans transcript comp103_c0_seq1. Annotation was performed using the PEAKS studio 7.0 de novo sequencing module, followed by a search with the same database used for Mascot searches, and manual annotation to ascertain correctness. This process confirmed the sequence of the peptide and that Frame 1 is correct frame for translation. (PDF 320 kb)