Additional file 6: of Wilms’ tumor 1-associating protein promotes renal cell carcinoma proliferation by regulating CDK2 mRNA stability

Figure S6. WTAP regulated cyclin A2 expression in RCC cells and correlated with cyclin A2 expression in human RCC tissues. (A) Western blot analysis of cyclin A2 expression in Caki-1 cells with WTAP knockdown or overexpression. Cyclin A2 expression was obviously decreased in WTAP-knockdown cells whereas increased in WTAP overexpression cells. (B) The expression of WTAP and cyclin A2 was positively correlated in RCC tissues. A scatter plot of WTAP and cyclin A2 relative expression in the tumor samples which were downloaded from TCGA database ( /) (2-tailed Spearman’s correction, R = 0.25, P = 1.3e-12). (C) WTAP knockdown or overexpression cells were treated with actinomyclin D (Act D). Total RNAs were harvested, and then subjected to quantitative RT-PCR analysis. Knockdown of WTAP could shorten the half-life of cyclin A2 transcript. While, ectopic expression of WTAP could longthen the half-life of cylcin A2 transcript. Data represent the mean ± SD from three independent experiments,*P < 0.05. (TIFF 938 kb)