Additional file 6: of Transcript profiling for early stages during embryo development in Scots pine

Transcription factors (TFs) differentially expressed, with a fold-change higher that 2, in any of the pairwise comparison between embryos and megagametophytes. A list of differentially expressed TFs (DETFs) in embryos and megagametophytes respectively, resulting from the pairwise comparisons E1 vs M1, E2 vs M2, E3DO vs M3, E3SU vs M3 and E4 vs M4 is included in this file. TF name (Transcript ID), TF family, and the best match against TAIR database (At locus ID, At name and At annotation) are indicated. The number of all DETFs detected for each family during seed development in embryos and megagametophytes is also included. (XLSX 200 kb)