Additional file 6: of The long noncoding RNA SNHG1 regulates colorectal cancer cell growth through interactions with EZH2 and miR-154-5p

Figure S2. SP1 is up-regulated in colorectal cancer and positively correlated with SNHG1, related to Fig. 2. (a) Detection of SP1 protein levels in colorectal cancer and normal tissues by IHC. (b) Western blot analyses of SP1 expression after knockdown of SP1 or overexpression of SP1. (c) The relation between SP1 and SNHG1 expression analyzed in colorectal cancer samples from TCGA cohort (n = 478, r = 0.202, P < 0.001). Scale bar = 50 μm. ***P < 0.001. (TIF 1055 kb)