Additional file 6: of Singleton molecular species delimitation based on COI-5P barcode sequences revealed high cryptic/undescribed diversity for Chinese katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae)

Comparison of the species delimitation results of Chinese katydids based on an analysis of 147 unique COI-5P haplotypes of the DBTB dataset. A midpoint-rooted NJ-K2P tree was implemented in MEGA 7.0. Terminals were labeled with Sequence/Process ID, Species identifications, plus BIN. * indicated a haplotype representing more than one specimen. ** indicated a haplotype shared by more than one species. On the right: summary of putative species delimitation drawn by BINs, RESL, jMOTU, ABGD, sGMYC, mGMYC and bPTP (one column per method). Black codes represented putative MOTUs defined by at least four of the seven species delimitation methods. Grey codes represented MOTUs defined by less than four of the seven species delimitation methods. Other color codes for each column represented clustering together as a single MOTU. (TIF 3020 kb)