Additional file 6: of Osteopontin in the host response to Leishmania amazonensis

Figure S4. Host inflammasome-related and innate immune response transcripts in BMF infected with L. amazonensis parasites. Evaluation by qRT-PCR of transcript modulation isolated from BMF infected with L. amazonensis amastigotes of C57BL/6+/+ mice and opn mutant (C57BL/6−/−) mice (columns are as indicated in the legend): Inflammasome-related markers (P values WT vs KO) are CASP1 (P = 0.0317). Apoptosis markers CASP3 (P = 0.0278) and ASC (ns). Parasite sensors NOD2 (ns) and NAIP5 (P = 0.05). Statistics are calculated from the mean of relative mRNA expressions at 24 h and 48 h p.i., versus the control values of the non-infected cells at each time point. (PDF 247 kb)