Additional file 6: of OsNOA1 functions in a threshold-dependent manner to regulate chloroplast proteins in rice at lower temperatures

Figure S5. Comparison of the quantile-quantile (Q-Q) plot of the same data sets in both sets of biological replicates as described in Additional file 2: Figure S1. The top four panels (A-D) represent the log2 ratios for 127/126, 129/126, 130/126 and 131/126 respectively in biological set 1. The bottom four panels (E-H) represent the equivalent of A-D but for biological set 2. The Q-Q plot is a graph of the input (observed) data values plotted against the theoretical (fitted) distribution quantiles. The approximately linear plots for each of the data sets confirm the data consistency between two sets of biological replicates. (TIFF 314 kb)