Additional file 6: of Genomes from uncultivated prokaryotes: a comparison of metagenome-assembled and single-amplified genomes

Figure S3. Tetranucleotide frequency plots of SAG BS0038H10 in BACL1. Nucleotide composition PCAs (a,b) and metagenome coverage estimate density plots (c,d) for contigs separated on alignment rate (< 5% of bases: a,c; ≥5% of bases: b,d) against the corresponding MAG. The color of the circles in panels a and b corresponds to the average metagenome coverage and the size of the circles corresponds to the contig sizes. Metagenome average coverage depth was estimated by assuming all mapping reads were 100 bases long. Furthermore, for clarity, the maximum value for the average coverage depth has been set to three times the median. (PDF 144 kb)