Additional file 6: of Deep divergence and rapid evolutionary rates in gut-associated Acetobacteraceae of ants

2016-07-11T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Bryan Brown Jennifer Wernegreen
Bayesian phylogeny of Acetobacteraceae 16S rDNA. Phylogeny is based on the same 1,333 bp alignment that was used for maximum likelihood analysis shown in Fig. 2. A Markov chain Monte Carlo approximation was used for Bayesian inference of phylogenetic relationships. A GTR + Γ + PInv model of nucleotide substitution was implemented and the posterior probability of each node was estimated from 10,000,000 generations sampled in intervals of 1,000. Environmental taxa are colored black, taxa associated with various insects are colored in orange, and the monophyletic AAB clade described here is colored green. Roseomonas terrae is the outgroup. (PDF 21 kb)