Additional file 6: of An experimental model of Braak’s pretangle proposal for the origin of Alzheimer’s disease: the role of locus coeruleus in early symptom development

Neurons and microglia, but not astrocytes, show uptake of htauE14. a1–a3. An example of GFAP labeling in the old rat brain as in Fig. 6. b1–b3. A GFP and Iba-1 double-labeled cell. c1–c3. An example of an Iba-1 stained microglia in a young htauE14 rat in the same region as in b. Note retracted morphology of Iba-1 cell in b compared to c. d1–d3. A GFP and NeuN double-labeled cell in the old rat brain. Scale bars, 25 μm. (PDF 2568 kb)