Additional file 6: of An automated algorithm for the detection of cortical interruptions and its underlying loss of trabecular bone; a reproducibility study

Bland-Altman plots of the intra-operator reproducibility for the bone density and bone micro-structural parameters. Bland-Altman plots for all bone density (A), trabecular micro-structure (B) and cortical micro-structure (C) parameters for the intra-operator reproducibility. For all parameters, no cut-off bias was observed and the errors were independent of the mean values detected. BMD, volumetric bone mineral density; Tot.BMD, total BMD; Tb.BMD, trabecular BMD; Ct.BMD, cortical BMD; Ct.TMD, cortical bone tissue BMD; Tb.N, trabecular number; Tb.Th, trabecular thickness; Tb.Sp, trabecular separation; Tb.SpSD, intra-individual distribution of trabecular separation; Ct.Th, cortical thickness; Ct.Po, cortical porosity; Ct.Po.Dm , cortical porosity diameter (TIF 1028 kb)