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Additional file 6: Figure S5. of Developmental delay in motor skill acquisition in Niemann-Pick C1 mice reveals abnormal cerebellar morphogenesis

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posted on 01.09.2016 by Paola Caporali, Francesco Bruno, Giampiero Palladino, Jessica Dragotto, Laura Petrosini, Franco Mangia, Robert Erickson, Sonia Canterini, Maria Fiorenza
CD treatment does not rescue defective BG morphology and astrocyte activation. Immunostaining with antibodies directed to GFAP (brown) of PN15 wt and Npc1 nmf164 , either sham- or CD-treated mouse cerebella. Note that CD-treated wt mice display enlarged radial shaft and hypertrophic astrocytes similar to those of Npc1 nmf164 . Representative fields of parasagittal sections are shown; scale bar indicate 50 μm. Higher magnification fields are shown on the right; scale bars: 25 μm. ML: Molecular Layer; PCL: Purkinje Cell Layer; IGL: Internal Granular Layer. (PDF 1170 kb)


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