Additional file 6: Figure S4. of Gene expression profiling during adventitious root formation in carnation stem cuttings

Cellular parameters in the cambial cells during AR formation. (A) A representative cross-section image of the stem cutting base used to quantify some cellular parameters within the cambium. Squares represent the area measured for disorganized and organized regions. (B) Division rate of the cambial cells in the studied cultivars. Treatments and time-points are represented by coloured bars (white: mock 0 hAP; light grey: mock 54 hAP; dark grey: auxin 0 hAP; black: auxin 54 h AP). Different letters indicate significant differences (P < 0.005) between regions. Error bars indicate the standard deviation (SD) for the mean data shown. (C) Number of cambial cells per mm2 in the studied cultivars. Organized and disorganized regions within the cambium are represented as lined and dotted bars, respectively. Asterisks indicate significant differences (P < 0.005) between regions at a given time-point. Different letters indicate significant differences (P < 0.005) between samples. (TIFF 6084 kb)