Additional file 6: Figure S2. of Genome-wide analysis of G-quadruplexes in herpesvirus genomes

CD spectroscopy. CD spectroscopy profiles of 15 randomly selected deoxyoligonucleotides from herpesvirus genome as predicted by quadparser. C-myc is used as the positive control for a parallel G-quadruplex. An oligonucleotide that is reported to form a hybrid G-quadruplex [49] is used as a hybrid PQS control. A G-rich sequence that could not form a G-quadruplex is included as a negative control [G-rich (-) control].A positive peak near 260nm is indicative of parallel (P) G-quadruplexes; a positive peak near 290nm is suggestive of an antiparallel (AP) G- quadruplex. A positive peak at both 260nm and 290nm is indicative of a hybrid (H) G-quadruplex. (PDF 207 kb)