Additional file 6: Figure S2. of Dp412e: a novel human embryonic dystrophin isoform induced by BMP4 in early differentiated cells

5′RACE reveals the presence of a novel exon 1. (a, b) Two sequences found several times by 5′RACE PCR on RNA from hiPSCs 1 three days after BMP4 treatment. In black are represented the nucleotides found to be spliced to the DMD gene exon 2 by 5′RACE PCR, with in (a), the 164 last nucleotides of Dp427c exon 1 and in (b), the new exon 1. In red are the parts of the RACE sequence corresponding to DMD gene exon 2. The black box in Dp427c sequence points out a nucleotide that does not match with Dp427c exon 1 reference sequence. The BLAT analyses were done on the web site .