Additional file 6: Fig. S6. of Zinc finger nuclease-based double-strand breaks attenuate malaria parasites and reveal rare microhomology-mediated end joining

Results of qPCR on gDNA. a Localisation of qPCR probes on chromosomes 12 and 13. The centromere of chromosome 12 is shown in red. Binding sites for primer pairs used in qPCR are shown. Primer pair C1 amplifies the product over the cutting site of the ZFNs, while primer pairs L1 and R1 bind approximately 100 kb away from the telomeres on the left and right arm of chromosome 12, respectively. L2 and R2 bind around 8 kb away from the cutting site. N1 and N2 bind on the ‘control’ chromosome 13 and are used for normalization. b Chromosome 12 integrity is shown for samples from salivary gland (SG) and midgut (MG). Values were normalised to N1 and N2 on chromosome 13 and to results from blood-stage gDNA amplification. Positive and negative error is calculated from standard error of the mean from technical duplicates. (PDF 350 kb)