Additional file 6: Fig. S3. of Fluorescent CXCR4 targeting peptide as alternative for antibody staining in Ewing sarcoma

Western blot analysis of CXCR4 protein expression with N- and C-terminal directed antibodies. Western blot analysis of CXCr4 protein expression in high CXCR4 expressing Ewing sarcoma cell line IARC-EW3, medium CXCR4 expressing breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-468 and low CXCR4 expressing Ewing cell line IARC-EW7 (supplementary results [10]) using two N-terminal antibodies (Ab2074 and NBP1–76867) and one C-terminal antibody (UMB2). Theoretical molecular weight of CXCR4–2 is 39 kDa. No conclusive results could be obtained with any of these antibodies. (EPS 959 kb)