Additional file 5: of Transcriptome analysis of genes and metabolic pathways associated with nicotine degradation in Aspergillus oryzae 112822

Pyridine-ring α-hydroxylation catalyzed by Moco-containing hydroxylases. a Pyridine-ring α-hydroxylation occurred in pyridine derivatives metabolism. PaDH, picolinic acid dehydrogenase; QaDH, quinolinic acid dehydrogenase; INaDH, isonicotinic acid dehydrogenase. b Molecular architecture of several Moco-containing hydroxylases. NDHSML (GenBank accession numbers CAA53087, CAA53086, and CAA53088), nicotine dehydrogenase from A. nicotinovorans; KDHSML (WP_016359457, WP_016359456, and WP_016359451), ketone dehydrogenase from A. nicotinovorans; SpmABC (AEJ14617 and AEJ14616), 3-succinoyl-pyridine monooxygenase from P. putida S16; NdhFSLM (ABC88396, ABC88397, ABC88398, and ABC88399), nicotinic acid dehydrogenase from Eubacterium barkeri; NicAB (NP_746077 and NP_746078), nicotinic acid dehydrogenase from P. putida KT2440; NaDHSLM (ACA29530, ACA29531, and ACA29532), nicotinic acid dehydrogenase from Comamonas testosteroni JA1; NahAB1B2 (OXR49108, OXR49107, and OXR49110), nicotinic acid dehydrogenase from Pusillimonas sp. strain T2; and VppASL (AIH15807 and AIH15806), nicotine hydroxylase from Ochrobactrum sp. strain SJY1. The letters depicted below the proteins indicate the subunit names of the corresponding proteins. (TIF 549 kb)