Additional file 5: of Three endoplasmic reticulum-associated fatty acyl-coenzyme a reductases were involved in the production of primary alcohols in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Figure S5. Epicuticular wax crystal patterns on fruits and leaves of transgenic tomato detected by SEM. The epicuticular wax crystal patterns on the fruits surfaces (a–d). CK (a), TaFAR6 overexpression plants (b), TaFAR7 overexpression plants (c) and TaFAR8 overexpression plants (d), respectively. The epicuticular wax crystal patterns on the leaves of adaxial surfaces (e–h) and abaxial surfaces (i–l). CK (e, i), TaFAR6 overexpression plants (f, j), TaFAR7 overexpression plants (g, k), TaFAR8 overexpression plants (h, l). CK is the empty pCXSN vector control. Scale bars = 2 μm. (PDF 6000 kb)