Additional file 5: of Screening populations for copy number variation using genotyping-by-sequencing: a proof of concept using soybean fast neutron mutants

Description of the CNVs selected for validation by PCR/ddPCR and summary of the results. ID: the identifier of the mutant; CNV_type: the type of CNV (homdel = homozygous deletion, hetdel = hemizygous deletion, dup = duplication); chr: the chromosome on which the CNV is located; start: the starting position of the CNV; end: the end position of the CNV; kbp: the estimated size of the CNV in kbp; n_bins: the number of 1-kb bins supporting this CNV; mean_log2: the mean log2 ratio of the bins across this CNV; primer_pair1: the identifier of the first primer pair designed for that CNV; primer_pair2: the identifier of the second primer pair designed for that CNV (N/A means that there is no second primer pair for that CNV); validation_status: a description of the conclusion reached for that particular CNV based on the PCR and ddPCR results. (CSV 2 kb)