Additional file 5: of Satellite cells maintain regenerative capacity but fail to repair disease-associated muscle damage in mice with Pompe disease

Figure S5. Satellite cell numbers are increased in Gaa−/−(Bl6) muscle. A. Satellite cells were detected in 3 months old WT(Bl6) and Gaa−/−(Bl6) gastrocnemius (GAS) cryosections by immunofluorescent staining of Pax7 (red). Myofibers were visualized using a laminin antibody (green) and nuclei with Hoechst (blue). White arrows point to Pax7-positive satellite cells. B. Quantification of A. The figure depicts the mean percentage of Pax7-positive Satellite cells per field ± SD. C. Western blot analysis of Pax7 expression in GAS muscle from 13 week old WT(Bl6) and Gaa−/−(Bl6) animals. Western blot analysis was performed as previously described [14]. (PDF 952 kb)