Additional file 5: of Phenotype prediction of Mohr-Tranebjaerg syndrome (MTS) by genetic analysis and initial auditory neuropathy

Figure S4. Brain MRI examination of the proband from Family 1. A. Axial view of the cerebellopontine angle and the internal auditory canal (IAC) showing normal anatomy. Two white lines represent the plane prescribed for oblique-plane sagittal images obtained perpendicular to the IAC nerves. B. 3D-fast-spin echo sequence image on oblique plane sagittal from normal age-matched control. Left side demonstrates a normal cochlear nerve (Cn, red arrow), normal-sized IAC, facial (Fn), superior (Vsn) and inferior vestibular nerves (Vin) (yellow arrows). C&D image from proband: abnormally small cochlear nerve (red arrows) in both sides. (TIF 4158 kb)