Additional file 5: of Overlapping but distinct topology for zebrafish V2R-like olfactory receptors reminiscent of odorant receptor spatial expression zones

Interspecies comparison of spatial expression patterns. Interspecies comparison of spatial distributions of several OR and V2R genes for adult zebrafish, larval Xenopus laevis, adult mouse and adult rat. The respective species is represented graphically, olfactory organ and the olfactory receptor gene family examined are noted below. The respective genes are indicated by color code, which is unique within each panel; gene names are as given in the respective publications. Spatial distributions are represented as ECDF (y axis). For the radial distribution, the x-axis represents the normalized radial distance with a scale ranging from 0 (central) to 1 (peripheral); for the height distribution the x-axis represents the normalized laminar height with a scale ranging from 0 (basal) to 1 (apical). For Xenopus V2R [25, 41] and zebrafish OR [10] the raw data of the respective publications were used to generate the graphs. Original gene names used in [10] were fZOR6 (or112–1), fZOR9 (or107–1), fZOR8 (or103–1), and fZOR5 (or102–1). Note the structural similarities between different species, olfactory organs, and olfactory receptor families. (PDF 557 kb)