Additional file 5: of Functional characterization of two enhancers located downstream FOXP2

Figure S5. RT-qPCR analysis of six HEK293 cell clones with FOXP2-Eproximal or FOXP2-Edistal deletions. Samples are normalized to the average FOXP2 (left) or MDFIC (right) signal between three HEK293 replicates transfected with the pLV-U6#xH1#y-C9G empty vector. Levels of expression of FOXP2 and MDFIC are represented by the fold change relative to that of empty vector control cell line, which were normalized to 1. WT/WT: wild type, Δ/Δ: homozygous deletion, WT/Δ: heterozygous deletion. (JPG 373 kb)