Additional file 5: of Evidence of functional divergence in MSP7 paralogous proteins: a molecular-evolutionary and phylogenetic analysis

Phylogenetic tree inferred with the C-terminal (MSP_7C) domain. Mammal-parasite MSP7 sequences containing the MSP_7C domain and the PgalMSP7 C-terminal domain were aligned and phylogenetic trees were then inferred. PgalMSP7 clustered with the most ancestral MSP7 protein (clade 1, see Fig. 2 in the main text) though this group was not supported by bootstrap and/or posterior probability. The remaining sequences clustered according to host-parasite lineages. Numbers on branches show bootstrap and posterior probabilities values. Clades shown in red and yellow were the most ancestral ones. The clades clustering genes from monkey-parasite lineage are depicted in green, proteins from rodent-parasite lineage in blue and hominid-parasite lineage in grey. Both ML and BY trees showed similar topologies but only the ML tree is shown. Numbers outside the clades represent the number of clades in Fig. 2 from the main text. (TIF 3038 kb)