Additional file 5: of Analysis of breast milk fatty acid composition using dried milk samples

Fatty acids (C10:0 – C22:6n-3) from dried milk spots stored in a research-grade freezer (-80C) for 3 years. Error bars represent ± 15 % from baseline values. Fatty acids that represent < 3 % of total fatty acids are in the left panel; all others are in the right panel. Fatty acids with values exceeding 15 % of baseline at any time point: C10:0, C16:1n7t, C18:3n-6, C20:1n-9, C18:3n-3, C22:0, C20:3n-6, C20:4n-6, C24:0, C20:5n-3, C24:1n-9, C22:4n-6, C22:5n-6, C22:5n-3. (PDF 255 kb)