Additional file 5 of A simulation study on estimating biomarker–treatment interaction effects in randomized trials with prognostic variables

2018-02-20T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Bernhard Haller Kurt Ulm
Figure S5. Distribution of β ̂ T × B $\hat {\beta }_{T\times B}$ for scenarios with K=36, β k = β eq , and low censoring (A) or high censoring (B) for no biomarker–treatment interaction (βT×B= ln(1.0)=0, top rows) or qualitative biomarker–treatment interaction (βT×B= ln(1.33)=0.285, bottom rows). Results for different correlation structures are shown in separate columns. The dashed red lines indicate the true value of βT×B, the blue triangles represent the observed confidence interval coverages, the green dots the observed probability for a type I error (A) or estimated power (B). (PDF 20 kb)