Additional file 5: of A comparison of heat-stress transcriptome changes between wild-type Arabidopsis pollen and a heat-sensitive mutant harboring a knockout of cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel 16 (cngc16)

A transcript profile comparison to evaluate purity of pollen samples used for RNA-Seq. A subset of 12 genes was used to compare relative purities of pollen samples in the current pollen transcriptome study to those from a RNA-Seq study from Loraine et al. [22] (yellow highlights) or a microarray experiment from Qin et al. 2009 [23] (purple highlights). Four references genes were chosen to generate normalization factors that could be used to adjust expression values in Loraine et al. [22] and Qin et al. 2009 [23] to allow a relative comparison of the three data sets for WT pollen under control (normal) conditions. For a control group, three CNGC genes were chosen that displayed low to moderate levels of expression (Tunc-Ozdemir et al. 2013 [24] and Frietsch et al. 2007 [25]). As markers for potential contamination from photosynthetic tissues, five different nuclear encoded genes were chosen that are associated with either photosystems I/II, or chlorophyll A-B binding proteins (Umate 2010 [26]). Average relative ratios are shown for each of the four different pollen samples in comparison to both Loraine et al. [22] and Qin et al. [23]. (XLSX 19 kb)