Additional file 5: Table S5. of Influenza H3N2 infection of the collaborative cross founder strains reveals highly divergent host responses and identifies a unique phenotype in CAST/EiJ mice

Post-hoc Tukey-HSD test of differences in viral load between different groups of susceptible strains at day 5 p.i. Results from ANOVA analysis (model: lg.viral.ld ~ suscept); lg.viral.ld: log2 viral load on day 5 p.i.; suscept: categories for resistant strains (resist), intermediate susceptible strains (int_susc) and highly susceptible strains (hlg_susc) are shown. Pairwise comparisons: int_susc-hlg_susc: intermediate susceptible versus highly susceptible strains, etc.; diff: difference between means of log2 viral load, p adj: adjusted p-value using Tukey HSD test. n = 41. (DOCX 52 kb)