Additional file 5: Table S3. of Expression of microRNAs and isomiRs in the porcine endometrium: implications for gene regulation at the maternal-conceptus interface

Lists of DE miRNAs found in pregnant and cyclic endometria on different days of the estrous cycle and early pregnancy. Differences were considered significant with FDR < 0.05 and −1 < log FC > 1. Comparison analysis between different days of the estrous cycle or pregnancy performed in EdgeR using ANOVA-like analysis. Expression profiles between pregnancy and estrus cycle were compared using t-test. Values in red correspond to up-regulated and in green to down-regulated sequences in selected comparison. Prefixes stand for: hsa - Homo sapiens, mmu - Mus musculus, ssc - Sus scrofa, bta- Bos taurus, cfa - Canis familiaris, eca - Equus caballus, ggo - Gorilla gorilla, oan - Ornithorhynchus anatinus, cgr - Cricetulus griseus, mdo - Monodelphis domestica, rno - Rattus norvegicus, age - Ateles geoffroyi, lla - Lagothrix lagotricha, ptr - Pan troglodytes, sha - Sarcophilus harrisii, ppy - Pongo pygmaeus, mml - Macaca mulatta, oar - Ovis aries. (XLSX 604 kb)