Additional file 5: Table S2. of Germ cell and tumor associated piRNAs in the medaka and Xiphophorus melanoma models

Number of sequences produced by the primary or secondary biogenesis pathway. First column: absolute numbers of sequence reads with uridine at position1 (1U) and no adenine at the 10th position (10A) indicating piRNAs generated by the primary pathway. 2nd column: sequence reads with no uridine at position 1 but 10A. All other sequence reads were excluded. Only sequence reads mapping to germline, tumor or control samples in medaka and Xiphophorus were considered. 3rd column: ratio for 1U/10A as a measure for the preference of the primary or secondary biogenesis pathway was calculated. Column 4–6: analogous to columns 1–3, but with guanine instead of uridine and adenine. (XLSX 11 kb)