Additional file 5: Figure S5. of Enhanced neuroinvasion by smaller, soluble prions

mCWD fibrillar prions did not neuroinvade from the IT route following exposure to 10-fold higher concentration of PrPSc. (a) Survival curves show that no mice died with detectable mCWD prion plaques. (b) Western blots show no PK-resistant PrPSc in mice inoculated by the IT route. (c) PrP immunohistochemical stains of brain sections from mice exposed IT to 10% mCWD or 10% 87V. n: mock-inoculated brain control. For mCWD mouse groups: n = 10 (1% sonic.), 5 (10% IT), 5 (1% IT), 4 (1% IC). The mice inoculated with 1% mCWD prions IT and IC are the same as those shown in Fig. 1C. Scale bar = 100 μm. (TIFF 5 kb)