Additional file 5: Figure S4. of Skeletal muscle interleukin 15 promotes CD8+ T-cell function and autoimmune myositis

Cardiotoxin-induced muscle regeneration in the TA muscle of wt and Il15 −/− mice. TA muscle was injected intramuscularly with cardiotoxin (50 μl, 10 μM, Sigma), dissected out, and fixed in formalin at days 5, 10, and 21 after injection. Fixed muscles were embedded in paraffin for histological examination. (A) Representative images of TA muscle histology after cardiotoxin injection for 5 (n = 4 each genotype), 10 (n = 4 each genotype), and 21 (wt n = 2; Il15 −/− n = 3) days. Muscle fibrosis was evaluated by Masson’s trichrome staining in the 21-day cardiotoxin-injected samples. (B) Expression profiling of regeneration-related genes in the TA muscle injected with cardiotoxin for 5 and 10 days using qPCR. Each group contains four mice. Scale bar = 50 μm. Data are mean ± SEM. *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001.