Additional file 5: Figure S3. of The role of Tre6P and SnRK1 in maize early kernel development and events leading to stress-induced kernel abortion

Effect of sucrose starvation on in vitro cultured kernels (3 DAP). Kernels were excised from field grown maize plants 3 days after pollination. After sterilization, kernels were plated on MS agar and incubated in the dark at 24 °C. Control kernels on continuous sucrose (150 mM) are indicated with closed (black) squares and sucrose starved kernels are indicated by white (open) squares. The shaded area highlights the 48 h period of starvation, and the unshaded area indicates the period on recovery on sucrose. Means are calculated using 4 biological replicates consisting of 3 plants each, and significance as reported by the Student’s T-test is at α = 0.05. (XLSX 85 kb)