Additional file 5: Figure S3. of Gene expression profiling during adventitious root formation in carnation stem cuttings

Model profiles comparison between mock-treated and auxin-treated samples in the 2101–02 MFR cultivar. A profile to the immediate left of a yellow bar is from mock-treated samples. A profile to the right of the yellow bar is from the auxin-treated experiment, and has a significant intersection (in terms of the genes assigned to them) with the profile to the left of the yellow bar in its row. The number of genes and the P-value of the intersections are shown in the bottom left-hand. DD, DU, UD and UU are defined in Figure 4. The number on the right, indicates the overlap (in %) between genes assigned to each profile in mock- and auxin-treated samples. Profiles are coloured by default. (TIFF 3893 kb)