Additional file 5: Figure S3. of An integrated enhancement and reconstruction strategy for the quantitative extraction of actin stress fibers from fluorescence micrographs

Sensitivity analysis of filament width measurement. A) Ground truth image. B, C) 3D visualization of images with low (B) and high (C) noise. Projected 2D images are shown below their 3D view. Detected filament contour is highlighted in black. D) Distance map based on ground truth image (A). Colorbar, distance to the centerline of ground truth filament. E, F) Enlarged view of regions highlighted by blue arrows in (B) and (C). Detected filament contour is highlighted in black. G) Stress fibers in a U2OS cell plated on Y-shaped micropattern. Contours of ventral stress fibers are highlighted in red. Scale bar, 5 μm. H-J) Enlarged views of regions indicated by red arrows in (G). Scale bar, 1 μm (TIF 13861 kb).