Additional file 5: Figure S3. of A high-quality annotated transcriptome of swine peripheral blood

Characterization of the de novo transcriptome assembly. (A) Length distribution of PTs in the de novo transcriptome assembly; (B-C) Full-length assessment by using Swiss-Prot protein (B) and pig RefSeq mRNA (C) sequences as standards. In (B), percentage of coverage of the sequences as standards by PTs were calculated based only on the best high-scoring segment pairs (HSP) (“ungrouped percentage of coverage” calculation method) or based on all HSPs (“grouped percentage of coverage” calculation method) between the two aligned sequences; (D, F) Species distribution of top DC-megaBLAST (D) and BLASTX (F) hits of the PTs in the NT and NR databases, respectively; (E, G) Boxplots showing the distributions of percentage of identity, percentage of query coverage, bit scores and E-values of the top BLAST hits of the PTs in the NCBI NT and NR databases by using DC-megaBLAST (E) and BLASTX (G), respectively. For clearer visualization, larger outliers of bit scores and E-values are not displayed. (PDF 1743 kb)