Additional file 5: Figure S2. of Tracking hematopoietic precursor division ex vivo in real time

Tet2 loss leads to increased hematopoietic stem cell in mouse bone marrow. (a) The representative data of FACS analysis of wild-type and Tet2 knockout HSCs. The cells were stained with antibodies to lineage, Sca1, and c-Kit markers. The lineage negative population was gated first. Numbers indicate percent cells within Lin-c-Kit+Sca1+ gates. (b) The representative FACS data of GFP+ population from wild-type and Tet2−/− mouse. The lineage, Sca1, and c-Kit markers were stained and gated first. The GFP+ population from Lin-Sca1+c-Kit+ was compared between wild-type and Tet2−/− mouse. (PDF 642 kb)