Additional file 5: Additional Figure S5. of The role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in the development of cells with the molecular and functional characteristics of cancer stem-like cells

Ahr and Cyp1b1 expression correlate with expression of stem cell- and migration/invasion-associated genes in the CCLE database. The gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) tool ( ) was used to rank genes from the cancer cell line encyclopedia (CCLE) dataset [66] based on the correlation of their expression profiles with (A) Ahr and (B) Cyp1b1 expression. Considering stem cell- and migration/invasion-associated genes present in the CCLE microarray data, their position in the ranked list (represented with vertical black lines in the panels) incremented the enrichment score statistic (ES, plotted in green). A significant positive correlation between Ahr or Cyp1b1 and the gene set was demonstrated by GSEA (P = 0.025 and 0.021, respectively), with Msi1 showing the lowest correlation value in both analyses. (PDF 99 kb)