Additional file 4: of Vaginal washing and lubrication among female sex workers in the Mexico-US border region: implications for the development of vaginal PrEP for HIV prevention

Reasons for not performing vaginal lubrication in the past month among HIV-negative female sex works in Tijuana (TJ) and Ciudad Juarez (CJ), Mexico (N = 136). Other: Lubricants irritate my vagina (8% TJ; 1% CJ), I did not have time (2% TJ; 0% CJ), I cannot afford vaginal lubricants (2% TJ; 0% CJ), I did not have any vaginal dryness (2% TJ; 0% CJ), vaginal lubricants cause condoms to slip off (2% TJ; 0% CJ), I do not know how to use vaginal lubricants (0% TJ; 1% CJ), my clients did not bring vaginal lubricants (0% TJ; 2% CJ). * p-value < 0.05. (PDF 34 kb)